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Hello. Currently looking to cast episode 4 of our Shalka audio series. It's called 'The Immortality Pedlars' and has been written by [livejournal.com profile] vonquixote.

The plot:
Our heroes land in ancient Byzantium and encounter a man who appears to have cracked the secret to Immortality. This episode has jokes, a song, ethical and theological dilemmas, and SCIENCE.

We are mostly looking for blokes, I'm afraid, but there are two female parts available - both parts have quite a few lines/4 or 5 scenes each.

Deadline for audition pieces is fairly flexible, but we'd ideally like to hear from you by August 14th.

We have short dialogue sections taken from the first draft of the script for this episode (so all are subject to change), for actors to audition with. We’d like actors to record these sections in the environment they would record the actual episodes, and with the equipment they would use. Then upload the finished files either to a streaming site like soundcloud or tindeck or an upload site such as mediafire.

Time commitment wise you're looking at one readthrough with all the cast of about 3 hours, and about 3 hours per main part recording, going down to much less for smaller parts. In an ideal situation, readthroughs and recordings will happen via Skype. If we want to call you back (it's possible we will just offer parts based on these initial readings) that would also take place via Skype.

Audition dialogue - please audition for any/all characters you're interested in

If you want to audition for a character, please record all their lines of dialogue given. The lines do not follow on from each other.

ATHANASIUS, a PHILOSOPHER, POLITICIAN and IMMORTAL (male - main character besides the regular cast)
Genial, very clever and quick to joke/twinkle in his eye (think Ben Kenobi). Religious, and believes every word of it. Good at making speeches.

The business of empire continues, Eusabio... [COUGH]... and the business of learning never ceases. Much... to be done. And then... [COUGH]... I would have you take me to Valoukli.

I value guests far more than my few possessions - and besides, what threat is an armed man to me now? The last man who tried to rob me discovered that cutting my throat solved nothing. I gather he has taken holy orders now.

(after just being killed/resurrected)
Then saith he to Thomas, “Reach hither thy finger, and behold my hands, and reach hither thy hand, and thrust it into my side: and be not faithless, but believing.”
Although, actually I would rather you did not. That did sting a little.

EUSABIO, a EUNUCH (male - quite a large part)
Defined by his relationship with Athanasius, who he has looked after for many years and who he believes is touched by the hand of God. Dismissive of idiots and quick to anger.

Built on the very spot where Leo the Thracian was guided to the life-giving spring. I took my master there to pray – he bade me wait outside, and as I waited, I heard a roar like the loudest wind, and saw a light like bright moonshine - I ran to my master, and he was dead. I helped the monks bear him to rest – but in the morning, he rose again! It is the miracle of Valoulki that keeps my master safe from harm, I am sure of it. He went to the waters to pray, and his prayers were answered!

Are you sure you can manage the walk?

You killed him! You killed my master!

IRENE, a GRINDSTONE WIELDER (female - medium part)
Woman with a job to do. Knows her mind, and lets her husband know it too.

What are you doing out here working? You should be in bed. I should be in bed. With you.

(worried, talking of Athansius)
I only hope his blessing can be shared. My husband is very sick, and the physician says there is nothing to be done. I had hoped for an audience with the Holy One – we knew him before he rose again, you see - but there are hundreds of people clamouring for him outside his house, and more arriving every day. But you did not come all this way to hear about my woes, did you? There you go, sir. Lord bless you.

MARO, her HUSBAND (male - medium part)
Working man/salt of the Earth.

(in reponse to - 'what ails you?')

It's my wife, praetor. She calls me away from work for, well, for things I'm not sure I should discuss with a man of your standing.

(shouting to crowds)
My friends, I pray you stay this madness! Would you drag him out of his very home, at this hour?

ALIEN (male/female - medium part)
New alien. Do whatever you think sounds best (maybe a few different versions). I imagine their voices chiming, but go with whatever you like. Nothing’s set in stone.
We are... not like you. We come from... another place. Outside this one. The language... does not have a word for it. The space is different. We are not... confined, as you are.

PHYSICIAN (male - small part)
He is in God's hands already, Eusabio – in that state from whence only a miracle can deliver him. And I don't know any doctors who can work miracles. Good day.


* Your contact info. (Minimum we need is an email address, but feel free to provide Skype, AIM, etc.)
* A little about your acting experience. Have you taken direction before? Your experience level is not a make or break factor in our casting decisions, but it’s helpful to know about.
* How much time can you commit to this project?
* Can you do any ‘voices’ or ‘accents’ we should know about?
* What time-zone do you live in? (This cannot affect your chances, it’s just a planning question.)


Upload to something like Tindeck, Box.net, or Mediafire, and post in the comments OR email to radiosonicworkshop [at] gmail [dot] com. All comments are screened – due to the nature of LJ’s screening function we won’t reply to these comments, but actors will have our thanks and will be contacted as we need them.

In summary:
1. Record and upload audition sections for any parts you're interested in.
2. Comment (all comments are screened) or email radiosonicworkshop@gmail.com with a link to your upload.
3. Ideal audition deadline August 14th 2012.

Episode 4 casting is now closed. Thanks to everyone who auditioned!
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