Nov. 15th, 2011

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[ profile] who_daily people: don't bother reporting this post. The icons have already gone up, and the other platform information is not that newsworthy (although obviously often the Daily Mail thinks that Matt Smith not smiling that much while walking his dog is newsworthy and I do dutifully report that.

No real news, although the writers are gathering for a writer's influences/favourite episodes podcast this Friday...

This post is mainly to let you know that:

This community is the primary hub of Radiosonic information and will remain thus, but we're now also on:

Twitter @radiosonic_WS
Tumblr @radio-sonic
You can follow the Tumblr through LJ by friending [ profile] sonictumblr

The twitter is a straight-forward feed back to this community. The Tumblr should become something more than just a Time Lord than that. Obviously a lot of the stuff on it at the moment is similar to what's on here, but it should branch off as People Who Are Not Me will (hopefully) be running it. I'll let you know who when that's confirmed.

Currently it has some links to things, and some pictures of Shalka, and some Shalka stuff I re-blogged from elsewhere. If anyone reading this has a Tumblr, we would definitely appreciate some re-blogging (perhaps of the podcast) to help us reach that new fandom.

Additionally, here are some Shalka icons I made ages ago. Feel free to take and use if you want.

icons here )


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